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"Free Music 123" is a ranking list of music sites in the world.

Thank you for using Free Music 123.
We are collecting free music websites here and doing ranking.

In addition, we hope that you enjoy new discovery because various sites are registered.

Free Music 123 attracts world eminent sites showing superior music contents.

The sites where a list is higher may not have always superior contents.
There are some very splendid sites in low rank.

Please take advantage of this music portal site effectively.

To Music Web Masters

At first you participate in freedom after having understood that you read a participation qualification and a rule carefully, and please compete for popular ranking.
As a result, you can hope that access of your site increases.
We do ranking by number of access ( IN ) order for the past 14 days.

Participation qualifications:

1. Enough music contents are necessary for your site.

2. English is required in a title and a description of your sites. However, you are forgiven even if contents of your sites are written by any kind of language.

3. You must keep a copyright by all means.

Specification explanation of Ranking List

1. We do ranking by number of access ( IN ) order for the past 14 days.

2. A site without access (IN) is not printed in a rank list.

3. But it is carried for seven days by "new sites" even if there is not access (IN) as for the new registration sites.

4. The sites that is not to access for 30 days must be eliminated automatically.

The link for votes:

It is not considered to be a vote even if you link to simply Free Music 123.
You make a following votes use link and must put it in your site within 48 hours. And you must change "your_ID" to your site ID.

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The Title listed at Free Music 123 must match the site title found on the linked site entry page as closely as possible. Misleading titles are not permitted, and frequent title changes should be avoided.

Pages without significant content may not contain voting links to Free Music 123.

No more than one vote per day is allowed per household. Our custom log analysis programs make it easy to determine how hits were sent to the lists and where they came from. Cheating will not be tolerated. No Spam Absolutely no email, chat or ICQ distributions of the voting URL. Acceptable Content Site listings on Free Music 123 pages may be removed at any time without notice or cause.


"Free Music 123" reserves the right to terminate accounts with no prior notice or reason.

Your email address to use when you register yourself must use a thing arriving by all means. Please do not use the email address which is instability of free emails.

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